Sur Tango Show is a play on tango written and directed by Edmundo P. Rivero, grandson of the renowned national singer and composer Edmundo Rivero.

The concept of Sur Tango Show is totally unique, different from all the shows seen until the moment because it has been conceived from an argument, a conductive thread which shows the history of tango from its birth in the late 1800’s to nowadays through an impressive staging with audiovisual images. Its top level performers, dancers, musicians and an actor, keep a balance between classic and modern styles, respecting a mix of technology, tradition and the essence of tango, generating an experience full of magic, sensuality, glamour and talent.

Annually, thousands of tourists coming from different continents visit the city of Buenos Aires attracted by the magic of tango, mainly for the sensuality of this dance. They attend milongas (events where the milonga, the forerunner of tango, is danced), take tango lessons, go to different tango shows. Our intention is to take all this seductive and magic experience to their land, through this unique play… from south to north, SUR TANGO SHOW.


Edmundo P. Rivero

General Direction:

Edmundo P. Rivero


Paola Parrondo


Agustín Iturralde
Alejandro Canova


10 dancers
7 musicians
4 singers
1 actor