Edmundo Rivero

I am a musician, author, composer, drummer, percussionist, producer and entrepreneur. I have 25 years of experience in the direction and international coordination of corporate and social shows and events in Argentina, USA, Mexico, Uruguay, Chile and Peru. Specialist in tourism marketing, PR conferences, conventions and workshops. Director of the promotion and sales department of El Viejo Almacén (1987-1995). I created a Guinness World Record in the city of Minneapolis, USA for the LifeTime Fitness Company.

I am the author of the work “Sur Tango Show” and I deal with the creative and artistic direction.

1 Edmundo Rivero 01
2 Agustín Iturralde

Agustín Iturralde

I have studied Hotel Management and worked in top-notch hotels and restaurants for 8 years.
I am an entrepreneur with experience in rest and vending machines. In 2005 I entered textile enterprises with activity to date.
I am currently playing the role of Operations Manager in a stadium in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I take care of the coordination of the show’s operations and its tours.

Alejandro Canova

I am a university professional with 20 years of experience in Management of SMEs and in the administrative, commercial and marketing areas in companies of different categories and sizes.
I have directed two ventures related to business services and the other with media and communication.
I currently work as Administration and Finance Manager of a stadium in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I take care of the planning and administrative organization of the Show and its tours.

3 Alejandro Canova Foto